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Which Rep Range is Best for Size & Power?

Is there any “magical” rep range for both great size and power? I’m looking to gain another 10 lbs before the middle of august and I need to do it fast. I recently switched the rep range on my assistance lifts from 10-12 to 6-8. Has anybody had great success with a certain rep range? Lemme know

You have to understand that with THERE IS NO MAGICAL ANYTHING in powerlifting/BB/etc. You have to find what works for you. Now a good one to try would be a 5x5 for your work sets. Up your calories and 10 pounds will be easy

ya i had a feeling there isn’t anything magical about it. I mainly go for power. so a 5x5 on my assistance lifts (DB bench, rows, etc.) might work?

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All of them. Assistance wise 5x10r works best for me.

nothin magical but the general guideline are

1-3 for strength work

1-5 for speed and plyo work

6-12 for assistance or hypertrophy work although strength can be gained in this rep range. it just wont come as fast as the 1-3 rep range.

i really hope i didnt confuse you.

None of these answers make sense because there is no answer to this question. Strength and power are measured in units of time, not weight. Muscles grow when they have reached a certain time under tension when an adequate amount of tension (weight) is applied. This is very specific to every person. Training age, level of conditioning, and about 50 billion other factors come into play and its pretty complicated… which is why everyone who lifts doesnt look like Stan Efferding or Jay Cutler.

So, 3 sets of 12 might make one guy huge. That might not be enough for you to get bigger. You might need more tension, 4 sets of 20. Who the hell knows. Either 1) experiement with set and rep ranges and see what works for you, or 2) read the extended tension manual dave tate wrote and just do that.

As far as getting stronger, anything will work if you bust your ass at it.

I always saw size and power as a function of total reps in a workout x how intense the reps were.

Like 8 singles over 90% is like 15 reps of 85% is like 25 reps of 80% is like 50 reps at 75%

any lower and you end up doing sets over ten reps and feel all inflated even though you are using small weights, and it just doesnt sit right for me.

or something like that, along those lines, dont quote me.

or you could just go the lil kim route:

“First You get the money. …Then you get the muthafuckin, power. …After you get the fuckin’ power muthafuckas will respect you. …When you eatin’ right. …Help you sleep at night. …You’ll see the light. …When you eatin’ right. .”

So focus on getting money to get power, and the size will come when you are eating right and sleeping at night.

[quote]deadsquat wrote:
yo brauny96 whos the girl in ur DP? [/quote]

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