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Which Quest Diagnostics Lab Tests Are the Right Ones?

I always get my labs done by Quest Diagnostics. Going back through my lab tests I noticed that they vary somewhat. Sometimes my testosterone test has been TESTOSTERONE,FR(DIALYSIS) AND TOTAL(LC/MS/MS) while other times it was TESTOSTERONE FREE AND TOTAL BY ED/TMS - ADULT MALE. For E2 it just says ESTRADIOL but then I see there is a note below it that says this, making me think this was the wrong test:

For any patients for whom low Estradiol levels are anticipated (e.g. males, pre-pubertal children and hypogonadal/post-menopausal females), the Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LCMSMS assay is recommended (order code 30289).

There isn’t much information available on what the differences are between those tests. I found a post from back in 2011 that discussed in details the differences between tests but the names were a little different so I assume these are newer tests.

The LCMSMS is mre accurate for men, usually. It’s also more expensive. They both work, but there are things in your system that will fool the standard test a little.and give you a reading that is actually a little higher than reality.