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Which Push Press is Best?



I'm going to soon start a program that involves push press. While looking for info on how to perform it I found two variation

  1. http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=219rene

  2. http://www.uwlax.edu/strengthcenter/videos/exercisevideos/Push%20Press.mpg

I was wondering whether one is more effective/better than the other. If so, which one?


There is one basic kind of push-press, although there are variations.

The lift on the video is just a crappy push-jerk; forget about that one. Davies's description is not great and the pics seem to be out of order.

Let the late, great J.V. Askem teach you how to do a proper push-press:



I agree, the basic push press Mr. Askem describes is a real push press. It's basically a military press with a little leg/hip drive in the beginning.

What sort you use is dependent on your goals - what are you hoping to accomplish with this press?



Be aware of the Olympic style Push Press which uses a split. I find this to be a bit easier on the back. I do combat sports so it is good for me to use. Keep that principle in mind when choosing.


When doing a split you are no longer push pressing but jerking.


Well, it is if you push the bar to lockout using leg drive and drop under it. You could also do a push press starting from a staggered split position if you wanted to for some reason.



Those pretty much look identical to me. The only difference between a jerk and a [ush press is that you dip twise on a jerk, once to start it and once again somewhere between the bottom and top third of the movement.

I like JV Askem's website. Everything there is golden. Stick to his instructions for the jerk/push press.

While we're at it, he also gives a nomenclature lesson. ALL jerks are push jerks (start with the same dip and push with the legs), a jerk with a shallow dip is simply the "power" version, much like a power clean or power snatch.