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Which Pull-up Bar?

I am looking at buying or building a pull bar for my basement. Are the multi grip bars worth the money or should I just stick with a flat bar? Thanks

does not matter one bit. I like multiple grips because my joints hurt often, and the straight bar bothers me sometimes. But you can get plenty of good work done with just the bar.

The multigrip bars are nice because they offer alternatives for the days when you’re working around injuries. If money isn’t an issue I would lean that way. If money is a factor then the straight bar will be cheaper. The first bar I used was a simple piece of 1" EMT I bought from the hardware store bolted to a few beam clamps in my basement.

Just buy a set of rings! They are awesome!


This is what I did. Do not regret at all. If I want a straight bar or wide grip, I just slide a bar through the rings.