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Which PS3 to Buy?


So, I'm looking at all these different PS3 options, and truth be told, I really don't know much about them, having been an XBox360 player in the past. My question is how much hard drive is enough for one of these things?

I've seen 160 and 320gb, and my uncertainty comes from just not knowing how much game data, online service, etc. ends up being stored on the hard drive. 120gb on the Xbox was way more than I needed as I didn't use it for pics or anything else. So, which one is best for just gaming?

PS- Anyone used the "Move"?


i have a 250 gig and its plenty room... i don't dl a lot of content to it tho... it depends how ure gonna use ure system... for strictly game play i wouldn't go beyond 160... if ure gonna be dling a lot of content to it then might wanna get a larger hd.


I've had an original 80GB for a couple of years now, and it still has a lot of room on it.

Move is a pile of non-goodness. Don't waste your money.


Mine is 120 and it holds up fine. I store a TON of movies on it that I download from the PSnetwork. I also back them up on a flash drive so in reality, the amount of storage isn't just limited to what is stored on the hard drive.

Also, the psnetwork has greatly improved and I think once people start taking full advantage of it, that memory space will get used quickly on a smaller hard drive.


The 160 has been plenty for me.

The online "full" expansions I've gotten have tended to be between one and two gigabytes, with smaller add-ons tending to be between 25 and 150mb.

I'm not what you'd call a serious gamer though... I'll go weeks without playing a game. It's been great as a blue ray player.

I have the move. I was given it as a B-Day present (probably not something I'd have purchased on my own). I've only got the EA sports game that came with it, but from what I can tell, it's miles ahead of the wii in every way.

I haven't had the chance to play any of the more "serious" games for it.


Thanks... I haven't been able to find the 80gb or 120gb in my area, so I'll probably go with the 160. Now I'll have a short-term excuse for not being as good as a 10 yr. old online, what with the new controller and all.


My girlfriend bought me the 320GB as a gift and I had her exchange it for the 160 to save her some money. I barely use more than 40GB and that's just stuff that I'm too lazy to erase. But it depends on how you use it. I stream all my movies from Netflix, and from my PC. Streaming movies and music from your PC is effortless. And, as Prof X pointed out, the PS3 accepts USB storage so you can plug in a thumb drive or portable USB drive for extra storage.


They don't make the 80GB anymore. Not sure about the 120.


if i remember correctly the 80 gb is sought after by a lot of people... it was the one that was like 80% backwards compatible with ps2 games


I was one of the lucky ones to get a 80GB PS3 fat. Played some disc based PS2 games on it. The games come out like half your tv screen in a central square but haven't played a whole lot of them. Haven't ordered any PS2 games from the PSN network to see if they come out different at all.

I bought the PS3 move and I play the hell out of ping pong. So far a waste of money but give it time for more games to come out for it and it should be good. I bought it to get the gf to play games with me.


Go with a slim 120gb model. Has plenty of space and if you ever do feel the need to upgrade you can get a 500gb 7200rpm 2.5" HDD for $60 online with like $5 shipping.


They do. I just bought the God of War series for the PS3.

...and I must say, it is a trip seeing how much games have improved as far as graphics and game play in that short a time period. the first one looks like building blocks compared to the second and third.


The Wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ps3

...has a good table on the different models, and their backwards compatibility. I didn't realize that the really early 20gb and 60gb models were totally PS2 compatible.


have u played through them yet? prepare for some frustrating moments... and in god of war 2 boss battles have 2-3 separate parts to them... the game itself takes little to no time to beat but the boss battles and some of the puzzles make u wanna throw the controller out the window...

IMO the worst are the timed puzzles... where u have a seconds to place a block and jump to a ledge to get to another ledge, etc etc