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Which Protein Bar to Choose?

Either than Metabolic Drive, what other protein bars (“meal replacements”…i know it’s better to eat a real meal, but life throws curveballs) are high quality and packs on the calories that can be found in places like GNC??? Thanks

Why not Metabolic Drive?

[quote]chimera182 wrote:
Why not Metabolic Drive?[/quote]

Not found at GNC and OP has no credit card to make purchases online?

‘Supreme’ bars are pretty good, but like most, they are exhausting to chew. By the time I’m done my jaw is tired as hell. Ha.

lolol ic…Chimera182, the reason was b/c it was in short notice that I needed to pack food, but didn’t have the time so I just had to buy bars from GNC, w/o a doubt Metabolic Drive is #1 choice but would have taken too long for shipping

[quote]chimera182 wrote:
Why not Metabolic Drive?[/quote]

If i new i needed the Metabolic Drive bars 3 days in advance I wouldn’t need a bar in the first place as i would have packed food…

Ah, Met-rx ones aren’t too bad, if I recall correctly

I just picked up a box of “oatmeal protein bar deluxe” from GNC for breakfast on our upcoming camping trip. They’re 390 calories each and pretty filling. 30 g of protein and they claim to have more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal. I figure they’re better than anything my wife is going to pack for breakfast and I don’t see us cooking meat until lunch & dinner. I’m sure the kids will want some kind of muffins or doughnuts for breakfast.