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Which Pros Take the Most Drugs?


latest talk at my gym is which pros take the most drugs. a few guys said bodybuilders, some said powerlifters, and a few said tennis players.

i imagine in all sports, the very top guys are taking some sort of drugs to help.. i have no idea which ones take the most..

i say bodybuilders take the most..


If you mean what athletes take the most PED's, I'd go with with Professional Wrestlers...


Yeah, if professional wrestlers count, then I'd go with them as well. In general, I'd suspect the average pro wrestler's steroid usage is comparable to an elite bodybuilder's, but I've got to think that pro wrestlers are also taking quite the painkiller cocktail before and after each show as well. I'm there are other athletes who resort to more "avant-garde" techniques like some of the shit these cyclists do, but as far as the sheer amount of prescribable or illegal PEDs that could be randomly found on the average professional athlete, I've got to think that pro wrestlers would consistently produce a collection of PEDs/painkillers that would impress Raoul Duke.


cant recall where but cyclists are mentioned a lot


Coke whores, then maybe strippers.


Lol Pro wrestlers?

You all mustve never seen an indy show. Most of these dudes do not even work out.

Unless you mean WWE?

Even then, the current trend is CM Punk and Daniel Brian type guys. The avaerage weight of their roster now is like 230....and not the leanest or most developed 230s either. They're just tanned and covered in oil.

I'm prolly wrong but just my opininion.

They look like people who diet and train hard. The last guy I suspected of using was HHH and that was during his biggest push as The Game over a decade ago.




drug dealers


I think baseball players (outside of a few power hitters) proved that looking the part is no indication of whether they are using drugs.


Wtf is baseball?


TNA wrestlers are probably contractually obligated to take drugs. Any promotion that has Jeff Hardy on its roster is shady by default anyway.


As far as variety, probably bodybuilders. As far as just total amount, probably in-season cyclists who are doping with, e.g., EPO.


Scott Steiner, he must be on compareable amounts to pro bbers plus all the other drugs that generally come with pro wrestling from the limited amount i know about it



You'd have to be on huge amounts of drugs to enjoy playing that "sport".


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Warrior/Hellwig is not too far behind in that regard

I'm also pretty sure that Scott Hall has consumed more coke and booze than anyone alive in the world today

lol wrestling


Ct. Rock,

This thread is about "pros", and to be honest, making $20-$40 a night in an Indy fed isn't a pro on the same level as what's in WWE or TNA. You can easily be drug-free and rock the Indy circuit, where people care less about build and more about athleticism. Let's stick to the top level, or else we'd have to compare those indy fed guys to the natty bodybuilders at local shows.

If ever you doubt how many pros are taking, look at how many end up dead before 50.

If the enlarged heart doesn't get you, the cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates might...

I'm betting a lot of the recent champs won't make it to 50 either, with the exception of perhaps Chris Jericho who gets its done on personality. Batista? LOL you kidding me?

Do pro wrestlers take more than BBers? I'm not sure. I think that they face a harder road, since they have to lift and travel 280 days a year, whereas many BBers travel a lot less, and thus can get a good night's sleep, they age faster. Also, the lack of impact (no bumps off the top rope) in BBing really helps longevity. So while they make take less PEDs, my gut instinct is to say they probably take more drugs over all (PEDs, alcohol, uppers, downers, cocaine that goes with the nightlife).

<--- wrestling fan since 1984, haven't watched regularly since "The Game" started boring me to death with his weekly 20-minute promos.


Fair enough.

I just like to give credit to top promotions trainers and nutrition guys than that I guess. At that level I assume they'd have a program for each athlete that would give them the look they want...instead of just passing needles around.

And there's no doubt about other drugs....


Samir are you ordering Wrestlemania this year? Rock vs Cena in the biggest match of all-time.


No one wants to see that. Lol

Two ultrafaces in a matches is just lame.

I'm more concerned with Takers opponent

Hope its Cactus Jack, Foeley is around the company again....