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Which Program??


hey guys, i been readin thru all the programs to do for adding mass. im so confused, theres a crap load of em and i really dont know which one i should try. right now im lookin at the west side one, would you guys recommned this one or somethin else? any info would help!


by the way, what i have been doing is workin 5 times a week, doing alot of isolation, but makin sure i throw in compound lifts every time i do workout.


write a bunch of program names on small pieces of paper and put them in a hat...reach your hand in without looking and pull out one of the pieces of paper...

there's your program...

shit dude, they all work...given that you eat enough food, get enough rest, and kick-ass in the gym...

good luck!


haha alright man sounds good, fuck it eh? ill jus go witih the west side one, looks good to me