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Which Program?


I'm back after a 2 1/2 month layoff, and I"m trying to decide what program I should do. Its between a practical programming/stronglifts type or 5/3/1. I'm 5"5 160, ~16% bf trying to reduce it to 9-10%. My 1rm are Bench 205, Squat 230, DL 325.

I want to, as I said cut a bit, and beside that my main goal is to optimize strength gains. I have been eating a very clean, paleo-ish (with cheese/milk/fruit) type diet. What would be your recommendation to me programming wise?


Either is good.

Just stick with it for a year.

See you in 2012


5/3/1, training is fun, you dont have to think about it, and it works. Definetely do it. Also, stronglifts is a good program but works a lot better with beginners. Youve obviously got some experience under your belt, so i doubt you'd be able to milk much more out of linear gains


5/3/1 north of vag template


try both and see which one better suits you, i like both of them and they work, it just a matter of taste.