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Which Program Will Work Best?


Three guys walk into a gym.

Each is 30 years old, healthy, normal blood chemistry, good genetics, good potential to develop musculature. Each has an identical training backgrounds: They'be been 'weightlifting since high school, but have no great results to show for it. They know how to do all the basic exercises but none has ever stuck to a program longer than three months.

Each is 6-feet tall and carries 160 lbs of lean mass.

Trainee #1 is at approximately 15% body fat; weighs 188 lbs.

Trainee #2 is at approximately 25% body fat; weighs 213 lbs.

Trainee #3 is at approximately 35% body fat; weighs 246 lbs.

All three have an identical goal: "Hey yo, dude, I wanna look like Brad Pitt in the movie Troy. Can you make it happen?"

Now . . . each has a choice of doing ONLY one of two programs.

Program A is EDT . . . a 10 RM weight that they're going push and pull for as many reps as possible WITHOUT going to failure.

Program B is X-Rep (or some similar version). Heavier weights, 2-3 sets of low reps, ALWAYS seeking the burn . . . and in fact, once they get a burn they will ADD TO IT . . . with partials, assists or other techniques.

Who will look like Brad Pitt first and why?


The one that develops an eating disorder first.


Lol I got sucked into that X-rep rubbish a while back. It's just HIT nicely dressed up in different terminology and pseudo-science.

Because of that definately Program A EDT. But it's a bit of a stupid 'what if' question tbh.


the one that works the hardest and pays the greatest attention to his diet.


None of them - it's a trick question.

Mr. 15% will realize that looking like Brad Pitt is a stupid goal. He will start squatting 3x a week and drink his damn milk.

Mr. 25% will do EDT for a while and drop down to 10%... then he'll decide that "getting ripped" at 6', 180lbs is a stupid idea. But dropping 30lbs and following a balanced, sane program will rekindle his love for the iron. He will take up powerlifting.

Mr. 35% will be waylaid by a cheeseburger.


Well, idiots always welcome help from the brilliant so fire away Oh Brilliant One. LOL

Seems to me that there's a divergence between lifting to GET A BURN and lifting but AVOIDING the burn.

I'm trying to understand which is better. Is a burn necessary? Will it provide faster results?


You are focusing on the wrong things.


This is really the only way to answer this insanely stupid question.

Seriously, what the hell?

OP, please go away.


Can we use this the next time we get one of these?


The answer is: none of the above. Every single male on this planet wants to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Nobody cares what he looked like in Troy.


Woah there, buddy. The last thing I want is to wake up tomorrow built like Brad Pitt.


But...but... you'd be really ripped. With abs...and lots of other cool stuff. Who needs muscle when you have baby oil and favorable lighting?

(disclaimer: all of my posts relating to Brad Pitt contain heavy doses of sarcasm, irony and exaggeration, and should not be read by pregnant women, children under 12 or the elderly.

If accidentally read, please take everything with a pinch of salt and any irritation should soon subside).


The one who eats the most carrots.


At least OVER 9000!!!


I take back my last answer. Trainee #1 is the winner because he is a professional Brad Pitt impersonator.


this is T-Nation. not bb.com->misc or 4chan


And yet, I had a good laugh :slight_smile:

The question was deserving of the received answers.


haha, so true.


What's the point of your question? You wanna know that answer, or you want someone here to tell you what program is best so you can have some will and do it?

The best suggestion that many will agree is to try them and see which one works best for you.


Well, it wasn't a very well-asked question . . . but the stupidity and arrogance of the answers shows an amazing level of immaturity. Is anyone here is capable of engaging in intelligent discussion?

There are various ways to insert intensity into an exercise routine. As I study the various methods, I conclude that they are split into two camps.

On the one side are those techniques that generate intensity while pursuing a muscle burn (like X-Rep). On the other side there are those techniques generate intensity while avoiding muscle burn (like EDT).

I'm simply trying to see what prevailing opinion is about "muscle burn."