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Which Program? No Squats/Deads Same Day

Still debating on whether or not to go with either the “Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size” program or basing my workout off of the article on “How I added 100 pounds to my Deadlift” workout setup.

Any input on this?

I really want to try the Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size workout, the only thing making me second guess that is doing The Squat and deadlift on the same day and 2 days a week. Don’t know how my lower back would take that.

Thanks for advice.

Then only do one of the two lifts per workout, hitting each once a week.

Awesome. I’ll do that. Thank you

Would it matter how I did that since one day is 3 sets and the second day is 5 sets?

Since you only train each once a week, do 5 sets

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