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Which Program is More Suitable for My Level and Time Commitment?

As of three weeks ago - since my gym re-opened - I’ve been doing an upper/lower split 3 times a week. I can usually workout Monday/Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday. In the occasion that I do have to train Sunday/Monday I figured the upper/lower would fit me better than a full body routine. I have an A and B workout for both upper/lower (the template is very similar to Lyle McDonalds GBR).

My concern is the following: since I have been out of the gym for 3 months due to covid-19 I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do and I could get more/faster progress out of doing certain exercises more frequently. Now it takes me 1.5 weeks to add weight/reps to an exercise. Should I continue the upper/lower but reduce my exercise selection so that I only have 2 different workouts instead of 4 (or full body split up into A and B)? Or the same FB routine 3 times a week so that I get more practice for all the lifts?

A little background on lifting experience: I’ve been training for 4 years (had to take a year off due to a shoulder injury - labral tear), started at 125lbs 6ft tall (very underweight - had a stomach surgery for GERD), got up to 180lbs and cut down to 160lbs (sitting at about 12% bodyfat). My best lifts (before gyms closed): Squat 230x5, DL 275x5, Bench 160x5 - currently using 80% of those numbers.

Goals towards end of 2020: hitting a 2 plate bench comfortably (meaning pain free), getting to 170lbs at 10% bodyfat & filling out my shirts (especially arms) cries in a corner

One doesn’t have to lock oneself in to one modality.

You can taper off with frequency as your progress stalls, starting with the same full-body routine three times weekly, then going full-body AB-split, then going UB/LB. Personally not a fan of upper/lower when there are only three training days but that’s just me.


Thank you for the helpful insight. Can I ask how you would split it up when you can/will only invest 3 days a week? Keep on doing an A/B type fb split indefinitely?

Week 1 a/b/a
Week 2 b/a/b
And so on