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Which Program Is Better?


Lyle Mcdonald Generic Bulking Routine or Fierce 5 Upper/Lower Program?

I can workout 6 times a week but as a beginner i just want to take it easy ( not a complete beginner i lift for about a year on and off. i don’t like working out before now im really into it and im 100% sure i’ll be consistent.

in reviews lyle mcdonald routine says it mainly focus in leg training and in fierce 5 i have no idea but it seems pretty decent.

my goal is to be fit and healthy and to lose body fat and have atleast 12-15% body fat and ofcourse build muscle.

My Info:
17 years old
80kg overweight


First, change your mentality. Taking it easy? For what? Be better today then you were yesterday.

Your mentality pisses me off

The program you will do consistently is the best program.

And start eating to win.


I am not aware of either of those programs but will look into them as I’m always curious what else is out there
Personally, I find most any programs by Chad Waterbury to be effective
That being said, I agree with the last guys comments. If something about the fierce 5 sets up to your liking I’d give it an honest go
There’s really no better or best program. And remember to eat. Don’t just eat but actually know how much of what you’re getting in. This will be the best tool to use to gauge your progress


what im trying to say in taking it easy because i workout 6 times a week PPL and 24 sets per day so i want to take it easy and have a fresh start cause what i did before is not optimal and crap. i know consistensy is key but what program will benefit me more if i do it consistently


i research a bit in macros and micro nutrients and theres a disclaimer says that as a teenager dont calculate macros and just eat right because it says in the thread that calculating macros may hinder growth for us teenagers. is that correct or should i just calculate macros or should i know what to eat like eat healthy avoid junks at other crap foods?


I don’t understand
I think whatever you read is misleading. Macros are just basically how you reach your end calories
The better you are able to track what’s going in the better you will be when it comes time to adjust as needed


I just read both programs
I’m committed to my program for another 6 weeks but may consider one of these
For a younger guy I like the fierce 5; mostly because there’s a model for progression
Keep us updated with what you do and how it goes


both programs lack side delts should i incorporate them im pretty sure adding 3 set of those in one of my upper body day will not hurt me right?


what im trying to say sir is the thread does’nt allow us teenagers to track macros it just says enjoy eating but be sure know what to eat just eat healthy and avoid crap foods should i follow that (the enjoy eating but be sure know what to eat just eat healthy and avoid crap foods)???



Do as written. Period.

You lack everywhere, don’t major in the minors.


i see thank you i’ll do it without changing anything. the fierce 5 creator says i just need to change program if i stall in 2 of the major lifts thank you for the tips!


Depending on your gym exposure you could make gains with poor nutrition
I would not recommend you underestimate what food can do for you tho
When I was your age I never counted anything and assumed I was eating enough because I was consistently eating more than anyone around me
Not so surprisingly I could not gain a single pound for the life of me
Luckily for you things are different. You have easy access to better resources than I had
I’m not sure what thread you are referring to that won’t allow teenagers to count macros but you do have access to thousands of other options. I suggest you pick one


i see thank you for the tips. i’ll be doing Fierce 5 upper/lower program untill i plateau then i think after that ill do the 5 day split by Fierce 5 haha i wont add any other exercises ill just follow the program.

i read the whole post what of the creator of fierce 5 about stretching and substitutions for the exercises that i dont like or i dont feel because some of may injuries may not favour the exercises

and also i decided to do a 40/40/20 ratio of carbs/protein/fat at my maintenance and just by adding a 30 minute jog in my off days will help me to recover faster and also reach my goal on reducing my bodyfat thank you!