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Which Program from Maximum Muscle Bible with Paul Carter?

Hey Christian,

I just bought your book with Paul Carter. Which of the programs in it do you recommend one use? I liked it thus far, my only issue is the advice goes against what you have recommended recently for muscle gain, that was a bit of a let down for me (training each muscle 2x-3x a week vs only once a week in the programs in the book). The second program that you wrote in it, it has like 20 works sets per muscle group per workout (The Push pull program). Isnt that against what you have recommended recently? Anyways, Which of the programs do you recommend to run first in it? I was thinking of using the Push Pull program because at least it sort of hits each muscle group twice a week but 16 work sets with 80- 85% of max PLUS 10 reps pump sets after every 4 sets seems like a lot.

I am not natural btw but I still agree with your 2x a week philosophy. I thought the book was going to show someone who normall trains muscles 1x a week like me to help transition to twice a week which I agree works better and allows me to use smaller dose cycles and more time off in between.

Also, your article on your sight "Simple, Garaunteed results looks like a nice program to try however since I bought your book I am looking to try one of the programs in it. I was actually hoping that MMB would have more programs that looked like this one.

Just wanted to bump to see if anyone else here read the book and had the same complaints?