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Which Program for Strength/Explosive Gains: Neurotype or Performance Beast Training?

Hi !

I bought the training program for my neurotype (I bought the 1A and 1B) but, as a Crossfit begineer, I would like to know if the performance beast training will not be more appropriate.

My goal : more strenght and power, be explosive. I don’t care about hypertrophy, it will just be the consequence or my training but not the main goal.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

The 1B program focuses more on explosiveness, but if you’re a beginner, then strength is probably your biggest weakness. In that case the 1A program would be good as well. Just pick whichever looks more fun.

I’d wait until the new programs come out since I’ll have more performance related programs. But since you already bought the programs, send me an email at chris@ballisticmanagement.com and I’ll send you the beta version of two performance programs for free.


Je viens de t’envoyer un mail :wink: