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Which Program for Endurance/MMA Strength Training?


Hello, I’m not new to lifting weights I’ve been lifting for a year, my lifts aren’t impressive
205 bench
305 deadlift
300 squat
120 military press
I want to get into mma and powerlifting
I’ve been studying and researching all about programming powerlifting the past couple months and below are the 2 program that I came up with for training strength along with endurance/mma conditioning

These are both 3x strength session and 4x end/mma session a week with a 2day on 1 day off training ( train dead,squat,ohp every str session; while alternating squat and dead every other day)
I’m trying to balance out building strength and power output along with endurance training, I’ll do my strength training in the morning and end later in the day/ evening,
Program B would slowly build/maintain strength while training end and then peak/ raise strength capacity every 2 month’s; I also see it as a more intermediate program. but I’m not sure if program A would be too much intensity/ stress to train along side alot of endurance, or keep pushing weights faster, or just be a beginner program for.the first year of training then change over to program B as I become more trained.

Program A :
W1 5x5 70% - 75% 1RM
W2 4x4 80 - 85%
W3 3x3, 2x1 90 - 105%
+5 bench/ohp 1rm, +10 squat/dead 1rm
W4 Deload

Program B :
W1 5x5 70%
W2 5x5 70%
W3 5x5 70-75%
W4 4x4 75%
W5 4x4 80%
W6 3x3 85%
W7 3x3, 2x1 90-105%
+10 bench/ohp 1rm, +20 squat/dead 1rm
W8 Deload


You need to choose powerlifting or mma.


Agreed. The stakes are too high (IMO) to half-ass it in MMA. If you want a combat sport to train and compete in that can still allow you to train in powerlifting, go for grappling/bjj.


hello jack!

i am a certified personal trainer & a certified MMA conditioning specialist.

My recommendation would be to FOCUS your time in your MMA techniques, whilst following either an upper/lower or a full body split, keep in mind to make sure you focus on the heavy compound lifts on these training days.

this will allow to make progress in the gym/ keep your gainz made at the gym, whilst also not negatively impacting your sport.