Which Program for a Beginner Over 40 Training at Home?

Hello, which of your program can you recommend for 42 years old beginner for gains and strength. (I have arthrosis in knee after acl surgery and problems with tendons). I work out at home: dumbbels, pull up bar, medicinballs, bands, slide.
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I’m obviously not the man himself, but he has some specific home gym dumbbell programs called “beat the apocalypse” on his own site.

You also, depending on the weight of your DBs, can do most anything with your setup since I doubt you have specific barbell lift goals (i.e. you don’t have an upcoming powerlifting meet).

I think the most important question: what do you like doing? What I mean is, it would be foolish of me to recommend a 6-day per week program focused on practicing the big lifts (or DB subs) if you hate lifting and just want to get into better overall condition. We can work with what your preferences are.

In terms of the ACL, I’ve had a couple myself. It is what it is, and (I personally believe; I’m not a doctor) the best way to manage the arthritis/ delay it’s progression is full range-of-motion movements and low-impact cardio. So jogging on pavement likely = bad, but goblet squats and walking = good!

Thank you for the answer. So, I´m a farmer and my goal is to gain some muscle and strenght for hard work, look and feel little bit better, have more stable foundation for other sports, which I do. In my opinion Beat the apocalypse serie would be fine. After that, maybe the high frequency program, or is it too early? Is it generally suitable for my age?
About the arthrosis: I will make almost daily sled work instead of squats, lunges, etc. with big weights, the knee is not so stable. Low impact cardio as a support for condition is essential.
One more time, thank you for your time, it helps me!

Yes I think the apocalypse series are very appropriate because the volume is reasonable and they are based on different contraction types: so you really improve your coordination and ability to own a weight in every position.

You also may want to check out his “Russian strength skill” article. I think it’s on here. It would be friendly, because it’s built for a session to not wipe you out, since you’re still doing manual labor daily.

I have an article coming up shortly that revisit that type of training. It is how I am training at the moment

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Looking forward to it! I’ve enjoyed your weekly journal

So I beginn with that bodyweight program, after that I will see. The article tell, how it really works here. Its helpful. Thank you both.

Just to be sure: chin ups in Beat the apocalypse program are meant palms to face?

Thenx for answer.

Yes, chinups refer to a position where the grip is either neutral (hammer curl position) or supinated (palms to face). When the grip is pronated (palms away from face) it’s called a pullup.

Ok, thank you. I had problems with golfers elbow, so I hope, that it will not coming back…

There’s no mandatory movements, so don’t do something that exacerbates injury.

Folks on here have said they’ve seen miracles with a product/ technique called “voodoo flossing”. I haven’t been mature enough to try it myself, but I intend to; my elbows get pretty cranky too.

Hello Guys, I´m at the last sixth week of BTA DB and on Wednesday there is missing last superset (push up + db reverse curl), is it intention or failure?

Thank you for the answer.

Hey good sir. I am not Coach CT, obviously, so I’m taking a guess based on the two pages posted: it’s likely he removed that assistance piece for that week because he increased the volume on the main work.

Either way, I don’t think a few curls and push-ups will make it break you (the joke here is I pretty much only do arms).

:grinning: I think the same, thank you for the answer. I will repeat whole program once more, so I will make it clear.
Have a nice day.

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