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Which Pre Workout Should I Get?


Which Pre Workout Should I Get?

  • C4
  • NO Xplode
  • Mr Hyde


All of them, make sure you shake it. Must be drank in under 10 seconds.

Damn, where is Shugart when you need him.


Don’t be a pussy. Chase a caffeine pill with JFG’s suggestion.


And a red bull chaser?


It’s not gonna wash itself down… I prefer the Java Rockstar though.


I am happy with the old faithful ON Amino energy powder. Mixes well, taste great and gives me the boost without the shakes.


Running a stack like that any way other than in through the out door is a half measure at best.


Dont forget creatinez in tha socks


Tried both before like c4 better but to be honest anymore I feel like it’s more of a routine or placebo effect than anything else. Everytime I switch to a new one it’s the best I had…for about 3 days then…whatever.