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Which Pre and Post Supplements?

So I’m looking to try a new stack and my order of Tr1umph and X-Gels came in today.

My goal is to recomp/lean gains (I know I know). My current/old stack is as follows -

  • PreJYM 15-30min pre

  • Xtend intra

  • Torrent immediately post

  • Orange Triad, Omega and Greens

  • ProJym/PES Select protein

It seems like PreJYM, Tr1umph and Torrent may be a bit redundant and bit overlapping of the same ingredients. So my main question is…

  1. Look for a PreWO without Creatine and keep Torrent? C4 Neuro and Ripped are an idea.
  2. Switch to a PostWO without Creatine and keep PreJYM. Protein + ground up Oats, Protein + bulk carb source, Optimum 2:1:1 or similar come to mind?

I really like both products, but I may be more inclined to swap out the PreJYM as I usually CRAVE Torrent during my last few sets and will sometimes start sipping it almost halfway through my workout. But, at the same time I know Torrent is ‘old tech’ now and there may be better options nowadays for my goals that I may be better off with.

You have been a member here how long and you still take crap supplements??

Xtends I would keep, but the rest?? Are you serious??

You need to actually read some articles.

Actually I’m a fan of torrent for a intra, old tech yes but it’s individual, meaning mixing based on goal and lbm, especially in the growth season