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Which Powerlifting Program to Choose?


i’m unsure which program i should do to still see good progress.
my goal is it to get stronger.
I’m 26 yo, weighing 80kg/176lbs.
I did stronglifts (5x5) for over a year until i could not progress anymore.
then i did canditos linear program (weekly progress) until i stalled.
after that i did 5/3/1 for half a year, but progress was very slow and is already stalling again.

my strength standards are:

squat 150kg/330lbs
bench 125kg/275lbs
deadlift 175kg/385lbs

wilks ~315

i have the feeling i did 5/3/1 too early and should do an advanced intermediate program before that.

have you any suggestions which program fits my needs?
i thought of canditos 6 week program or bryce lewis intermediate program, would these be any good at this point for me?

thanks for your insights.

Its best to just pick one and run it from start to finish until the gains stop coming. Its hard to address what program is right for you just based on the information you’ve given. IMO customization becomes more important when addressing weak points in your individual lifts, not program structure as a whole. Anyone recommending you a program on here is most likely just throwing out something that worked for them. If i was 176 with your numbers id go right back to stronglifts. Boring i know, but the gains come the quickest provided youre eating enough to gain. At 176 you should have plenty of room to grow. I know it sounds redundant since it seems like youve already run a few programs to a stopping point but if i had to guess i would say you stopped growing and thats why you stalled. If you can’t commit to eating big its going to be a lot harder to get competitive.

ok, thats a bitter pill to swallow, but i guess you are right :frowning:
i think i’ll do a DUP based program. at least thats not as boring as a true beginner program and i still have a high frequency.
thanks for your opinion. its hard for me to objectively evaluate my own training.

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I’d give 531 another go. It isn’t meant to be a fast progressing program, it is a long term sustainable program.

It also accounts for stalls, buy the book and it’ll explain it if you haven’t already. Also, you may have set your training max too high.

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Madcow or texas method, start really light.

Try the free bryce lewis training. It helped me alot.


If you’ve been doing 5x5s for a while the volume will help you out greatly

Gotta gain some weight. Eat more food.

Pick a program, whatever it is and make small adjustments as you go in order to get stronger.

For example: Using 531 - work your normal sets but don’t go all out on the last set. Do some joker sets depending on how you feel.

On a 5x5 program, depending on how you run it - add in a few singles after the main work if you feel up to it.

Back off the assistance work for a while and focus on the main lifts.

Take more days off in between sessions or train every day for a few weeks.

Just switch it up and listen to your body. Force your body to do something different.

You’re at a point where strength gains are no longer linear and its gonna get tougher. If you’re gonna get stronger, you have to adjust. Prepare yourself for a lot of average days of just hitting weight. Not everyday will be magical.

As you keep going, you’ll find what works and what doesn’t for you as you try different things. You’ll find a mainstay, a way you like to train. Then stick to that most of the time and change it up once in a while to keep from getting bored.

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