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Which Powerlifting Feds Allow TRT


I have researched this a bit and found some definitive yes's and no's but others were vague or had different responses.

Does anyone know specifically which powerlifting federations allow for medically prescribed TRT in competing powerlifters?

I appreciate it


Mate, as far as I’m aware GPC, GPA, IPO and WPC don’t test, so for those federations and their affiliates you should be all sweet. So, for example, here in Australia GPC Australia and CAPO would be the feds to go with (CAPO is the Australian affiliate of GPA, WPC and IPO).

Powerlifting to Win has a chart on its website showing all that kind of stuff for the international federations and also (I think) the US ones. It includes knee wrap length, bars used and stuff like that too.


OP you have been taking gear for years you should just compete untested


[quote]TheCB wrote:
OP you have been taking gear for years you should just compete untested[/quote]

How are you even aware of that lol

In any case, yes I suppose that is mostly what I am asking. However I am no longer using gear in any supraphysiological amounts and am solely on TRUE TRT for life…~100mg/week from my doctor because my natural levels were far too low.

There are some feds that do not allow AAS abuse but do still allow people to compete on TRT. Unfortunately I’m sure in those feds you have a lot of people blasting gear like crazy then just coming down to TRT doses. I would like to just compete in a natural fed because my TRT only puts me at 600-700ng/dl which is lower than some people’s natural levels, but I don’t want to break any rules.


I don’t think many feds are going to see the distinction honestly, you are putting exogenous testosterone in your body they aren’t going to stop and ask you what dose. Just compete in a non tested federation and save yourself the trouble.


Yea that is unfortunately probably true. Even more unfortunately because I’m honestly not much stronger at all than when I was completely natural, and if I come off now my levels are between 80-300 depending on when they’re being tested. The main reason I’m on TRT is mood, well-being, health, etc but at this dose it doesn’t help physique/strength wise.

It’s not like I’ll be setting world records so it doesn’t matter too much but it’d just be annoying competing against guys blasting to high heavens.


Every FED define a violation differently. In NASA a positive testosterone test is defined as…

For Testosterone â?? if the administration of testosterone or the use of any other
manipulation has the result of increasing the ratio of the total concentration of
testosterone to that of epitestosterone in the urine to greater that 6:1, unless
there is evidence that this ratio is due to a physiological or pathological