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Which Potato?


I love sweet potatoes, but they are much more expensive then regular ones and being a student im on a budget.

Is there much health difference in them? Im bulking right now by the way too.


Sweet potatoes are much more nutritionally sound than a regular white potato.

In terms of bulking they won't make much of a difference vs any other type of potato for most.


Sweet potatoes have one of the lowest glycemic indexes when it comes to potatoes. A white potatoe is actually quite high with a glycemic index of 77 out of 100, while a steamed (cooking method does matter) has a glycemic index of 56.

Note: Baking a potato will yield the highest amount of released sugars.


Baked potatoes are fine.

They also do have a great deal of nutritional value of their own (link: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/10_forgotten_muscle_building_foods ).

I eat them often, split equally between sweet/rice/Ezekiel bread.


ezekiel bread=amazing


yes. Sesame and Cinnamon raisin are amazing.


I like them all, but the sesame always has an earthy, almost dirt-like taste to me.


i was gonna link that article. white potatoes are fine. try and use sweet potatoes as a treat once in a while since theyre naturally sweet.