Which Poliquin Book to Buy?

I know he has many but just interested in “Poliquin Principles” or “Mondern Trends in Strength training”.

Any suggestions? Thanks

I’ve read Poliquin principles and would say it’s overpriced unless he completely re-wrote the whole thing.

I picked up his newly revised "Poliquin principles’, and in all honesty, if you’ve read any of his writings online (on here), you don’t need it. Many years ago, I had his German Volume Training book, which was amazing to me, in it’s explanation of using lactic acid buildup to create a higher GH output for fatloss without cardio. I had never heard such a thing.

An ex-GF borrowed it, and its sadly lost foreever -lol. So when his new and improved book came out, I preordered it. Nothing new, nothing earth shattering. Is it a bad book? of course not, he’s a very bright trainer, but a lot of it is redundant if you’re read his writing before.


None, read the articles and you won’t miss much.