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Which Pins are Best?

What size pins are best for injections?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on where you are looking to do the injection and also somewhat what substances you are using

Injection into my butt and injecting tren and test prop

your gonna want to get 1.5 inch needles for sure, bc of the depth of the muscle on the Glute. I used to go with 21 G, but recently have switched to 23 G which is much nicer.

23G, 1.5 inch would be my personal recommendation man. Good luck

I like 3cc B-D 22 x 1.5(latex free). used them my first cycle. I will use again for my second cycle. you can pre-load them up to a week in advance. just change the pin before injecting.

Pretty much agree. Im a 23G 1.5" man myself. At the end of the day there’s not a titanic difference between 22, 23 and 25G. I do think the key is the 1.5". Better to have a 1.5" needle and not stick it in all the way, than have a 1" needle but need an extra quarter inch.
Having said that most of my injections these days I do with slin pins 28G .5". It comes down to how much and where you inject

I’ve been using 25g 1" into the glutes with no issues. I’m not SUPER lean, but I’m not a fatty either. I couldn’t even guess at BF%.

Yea I stick with 25g 1" pins as well. I Haven’t had any problems with them as far as depth is concerned.

Tren ace and test prop? Personally, I think the smaller the better. With that combo you’re liable to inject twice a day, once with each compound (this is optimal, but you might choose eod, i don’t know).

If you go with a larger pin you are going to get a large buildup of scar tissue over time, which is not good, as you can imagine. I find a 25g1.5in works well for dorsoglutes. It’s a very thin pin and won’t disturb much tissue.

Another plus with that size is that injections will be slow (depending on volume, 30sec-1 min if you give it the right pressure). This will allow the oil to spread through the little space it does have to spread before further volume is injected. This will minimize the pain and inflammation that usually comes the day after a shot (especially since test prop is a painful shot, usually).

i managed to find 25g 1.5", not easy to source, but i got hold of syringe and needles seperate deal.

Oh eh i was injecting 50mg test prop and test ace from the same needle in glutes, delts, quads, rotating site, dialy.

I have no priblem with daily injects, in fact i rather enjoy them. Takes around 10-30 seconds to inject, jut shoot it.

I’ve done glutes with 25G 1.0 inch successfully. getpinz.com stocks 25G 1.5 inch if you want to go with longer pins. Personally, I wouldn’t go with anything larger than a 25G for the same reasons JoeyD20 already discussed.

(And my preference is to avoid glutes entirely and use 29G 0.5 inch into quads and delts.)

I did 25g 1" for glute and VG. and 27g .5" for quad and delt. Only issues I had was a leak here and there in my delt injects. Not much just a little drop would come back up. Im lean-guessing 7%bf if not less

25g 5/8 for the bis n tris, 25g 1 in - 1.5 for the ass. I always get confused y guys use 22g needles? its totally unnecessary. 25 might take a little longer to shoot. but i think thats well worth it not to repeatedly put 22g holes in your ass or wherever else.