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Which Physique Would You Rather Have?


Hey everyone, I am doing a quick survey. Would you rather have a physique that looks like that of a lean, muscular athlete (think sprinter) or one of larger muscular proportions (bodybuilder)?

If you can, please let me know why you would choose one over the other. Thanks a lot. Any input is greatly appreciated.


How large a bodybuilder are we talking?


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Given those examples, I’ll take the sprinter(s).


This seems like the right thread for this video.


I would not like to look like a woman, so I’ll take the second pic push posted.


What are you doing with this survey?


Tom Sharkey is the ideal physique for me. He was an old time boxer. He was close to my height (5’9") and also has broad shoulders.


Good thread idea (though it’s been done), but it’s useless without pics.


Really? You think that is the ideal physique?


Exactly, need a reference. I’d kill to look like Frank Zane in his prime but I’m not too keen to look like Big Ramy.


Yeah, some of us don’t want to get too big and just want to shoot for, like, one of those men’s physique guys. You know they don’t build as much muscle as “real” bodybuilders anyway.


So was George Hackenschmidt. And he was actually a strongman, like you. A little weird you didn’t go with him.


yeah exactly. Something easy to attain like that…


ARNOLD. No pics required.


@Yogi_ Yeah, that guy is in phenomenal shape. It is also all-natural too. Id be pretty happy if I looked like that. I prefer the old-time strongman look to todays physiques.

@@Chris_Colucci He is a good choice too. I think my frame is a big more like Sharkey’s though.


I meant to say a bit*, not a big. Where is the edit button anyway?


It’s the pencil-looking thing under your post.


Ah, the images are blocked on my work computer. Thanks.