Which Phone to Buy?

So I have the Samsung Galaxy S8 ever since 2017 (that would be for around a year now)

I decided to skip the S9 and S9+…
And someone in my family needs a phone since their current phone is lagging, so now I could give them my old phone, and get myself something new.

Should I wait for Note9? Or wait to see what will Apple offer this year? Or someone here has better suggestion?

I don’t like moving from different OS on phones. Have too much stuff on google play :-(. If you like Android, look at LG. I had them for a bit. Otherwise stay with Samsung and go with the Note9 if you like a bigger phone.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll most likley do.

I never had LG smartphone. However I had chinese smartphones, and while they are cheap and relativley fast, their camera sucks and their screens suck and overall experience therefore sucks. And they never lived really long.
They tell me to go with Huawei, but their phones are so ridiculously ugly that I won’t even bother to see the specs.

Ironically lots of 2018 phones have less features than my S8 from 2017, so Note9 is most likley going to be the winner.

Got my first iPhone about 3 years ago and have never looked back

Tend to find that Android slows down after a while whereas iOS always remains pretty nippy.

PS I am in no way an Apple fanboy

I went from android to apple, so my daughter could face-time grandparents who also have iphones (google hangouts was somehow too complicated, I dunno). My old Samsung kind of pissed me off sometimes, but nothing like this thing. There are things the iphone does better, but there are too many times where it’s kind of a shock there isn’t an option for something (and the back button… god how I miss that). They’re both solid options, but I’d really avoid switching to apple once you’re on android. The flipside is true as well, my iphone for life wife has a galaxy as her work phone and hates trying to use it more than anything. If I really used my phone for much of anything these days the change would drive me crazy as well.

I had a droid turbo 2 for years. I liked it and planned on keeping it forever. I ended up running it over with the mower. Now I just take whatever piece of crap that’s available.

I also noticed that on every phone I had, except for my current S8 which still works the same like on the day when I bought it.

I would already have an iPhone… but headphone jack, SD slot, and that heart rate sensor with SpO2, and AMOLED screeen are what decided in favour to Samsung. And more powerful battery.

So if Apple comes up with something fantastic… I could 100% switch.


We all know cheap Android phones suck, but flagships are another story.

I’ll just see what will Note9 have to offer then…

I went to iPhone a few years ago and won’t go back. I work in a Mac environment, but even still, I’d use an android if it was reliable. I hated not receiving updates, then flashing an update and dealing with the quirks of a beta os ported over. Ya, I liked it better, but I need a phone that works. It’s also nice knowing if I break a case, charger, etc. any store has a replacement.

I’d only ever consider the Samsung.

I say the same thing about Android.

Every other Android phone I ever had was just trash.
As for updates, I couldn’t care less, as long as hardware is working fine.

And iPhone is fast and fluid, but lacks some features that I like, as I said, I’d already have and iPhone if it wasn’t for that…

Yea I hear you. I don’t use wired headphones any more. I’ve got wireless in ears. I can’t live without them now. For memory, I have 256gb iPhone, unlimited data and 100 terabytes on Dropbox. Storage isn’t an issue.

And, finally, battery. If you make 50 phone calls before 9am, your battery will be shit regardless. I just have a car charger, external battery packs, chargers in every room of my house, briefcase and two offices.

I have an old iPhone and still wouldn’t trade it for a new android!

I charge my S8 once a day, sometimes when I’m busy it lasts 2 days without charging actually. And I’m just using it for whatsapp and few snaps on snapchat.

That’s why I’m tempted to get an iPhone. Interface is nice, everything is smooth, and phones are fast.
But there is some lack of features…

This is my experience as well.

Apple. I’ll say it once more…Apple.

IMO get basically any phone that’s been made in the past few years; they’re all so good now that there’s no point paying a grand for the latest flash gadget when you can spend a hundred quid on a three-year-old phone that still does everything you want.

If only they stopped removing stuff… I’d have an iPhone right now, but well… they kind of fucked up.

I’ll see what they’ll offer this year.

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This is off topic -ish, but at what age does everyone agree a kid should have a cell?

I got my first phone when I was 8. That was 20 years ago and all it could do was talk and play snake.

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I say around 10.

I got my first phone when I was 10 and it was that old brick phone. I also never had any money on it so I could only answer on calls, play 1 single stupig game it had (and which sucked) so I basically never used it.

Today I see 10yo kids with facebook profiles, and often get friend requests from 13yos and I’m like WTF?

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