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Which Oral Cycle is Best for Beginner?


I am interested in doing a cycle for the first time.
I just need some help on the difference between the following options and which people would recommend.

Option 1 -
140 tabs Dianabol (150 tabs)
35 tabs Oxymetholone 50 (Anadrol) (40 tabs)
28 tabs Nolvadex (30 tabs)
21 tabs Proviron (20 tabs)

Option 2 -
126 tabs Dianabol (120 tabs)
56 tabs Methyl Testosterone (60 tabs)
21 tabs Proviron (20 tabs)
28 tabs Tamoxifen (30 tabs)

Prices are similar so its just whatever is the best…or if neither is recommended for any reason, let me know. Thanks