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Which One?


I am somewhat new to weigh training. I have been doing it for about a year or so now. I was looking at the products on here and was wondering which one I should get. Now I know you need more info as to what I want to do, but I want to try one of these three things. The Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, or Methoxy-7. I was looking on here about them but I dont know which one to get. I want to add more muscle mass while getting stronger but I would also like to get more ripped looking too. Although I think I have to choose one and train for that. Any Help??


I don't mean to offend, or to detract you from buying Biotest products, because they make great stuff, but you don't need any of this stuff yet.

Get your training and diet in order before worrying about these supplements. If you want to buy supplements, look at stuff like Grow! and Surge.


Grow! is great stuff, proper nutrition and solid, consistant workouts are the keys to getting bigger and to getting that 'ripped' look you want. The pills, at least the ones offered here are great for fine tuning an already well oiled and maintained machine, particularly Alpha Male but if had to choose just one or two products from Biotest... i'd go with Grow! and Surge and skip the capsules for a while.


I don't actually use any of the things you mentioned. Idon't have my stuff together nearly enough for that. If you want a pill that will show you results, I gotta go with Spike. That is some good stuff. That said, aftet sing Biotests products for six months or so far, I'm seriously thinking about dropping all supplements for a year just to force myself to get the diet under control the hard way.
I guess what I am say is you don't need supps. If you want to use them then go with Grow! and Surge like everyone is saying. If you really want to use a pill then use Spike.


Get some Grow!. Up your protein intake. Keep reading. Get a program. Do it. Come back later.


Get some Grow! or other protein product. As far as anything else goes, I would wait maybe another year. Get some good, hard earned results in the gym before looking for sups.


I agree. Besides a multi-vitamin, plenty of good food and a good training program, think about using Grow! and Surge. It's all you really need at this time.