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WHICH ONE????!???!

ALRIGHT T-MEN, I HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT Q. I have two girls that I am really crushing on right now and I think both of them sort of dig me. Q is, which one to go after?!?! The first one is a girl from school. She’s petite, has a mousey little voice, very cute, and very conventional. She says what she wants most in life is to raise a family and take care off kids. The second girl is a girl I know through friends of mine. She’s a bigger girl (Not like totally fat but tall and bigger all over). She’s more fun to talk to and we have more incommon but she is almost tootally carreer minded. I Think I connect with her on a intelletcual level more but she is not as cute as the other girl. SO, T Men, who Would U go for? I really want a relationship (its been a yr.) and both girls are cool as hell.

“First I Look at the Purse” Earning potential, my friend, is all that will matter down the road.

Whichever one you think will swallow.

Ok - firstly you need to decide who you have most in common with. Then decide who is the most fun to hang out with. Look at who is cutest… Then forget all that and go for the one with the BIGGEST TITS! :smiley: Enjoy!

Um, was there some reason you included me in your post…?

Dumbass-which one do you like better?

easy choice. BOTH!! you have the perfect situation because they dont know each other. keep it that way. heres how you gotta do it though. make sure that you always call THEM. that way, you avoid one of them calling you if the other is over. try to always go over to their house because you dont want any “surprise visits”. make sure you always have good excuses when your out with the other girl, like you have to work, etc. never never take one girl into anothers territory. and always be on the lookout for spies. you never know if her friends are watching you. as i have always said, the only thing better than one pussy is two pussies.

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I second JC#10’s approach but with one relatively minor addition. Tell them both that you are dating other women. Sure, have both pussies - what could be better than that? Well, maybe getting both of them together and joining the melange, but given how most women view that your chances aren’t great.

Anyway, don’t be the typical male asshole and lie to both girls, leading them to believe they are the one and only light of your life. Eventually, you’ll be found out and will be responsible for hurting and “losing” one, if not both, girls. Who want’s that guilt/responsibility? Besides, it’s guys that pull this shit that cause girls to have the baggage you all say you don’t want. Don’t be the man to give a brother a baggage-ladden psycho bitch with a penchant for thinking all men are lying bastards. Just be honest with each chick, telling her what you find so appealing about her, but that you are not ready to settle for less than the ‘right’ woman yet. As such, you want to get to know each one without the pressure of a ‘relationship’. Of course, when you have had a chance to get a feel for both girls, you will probably gravitate toward one and then you can let the other know where she stands. No reasonable female will want you to commit to them before you’ve had a chance to get to know eachother. If she does, she’s a psycho waiting to boil your bunny - run!

I second Karma on that one. Don’t become the enemy. That goes with both guys and gals. I’ve got baggage I’m dealing with now because I’ve been mind-fucked by a number of women who were not up front and honest, and right now my attitude towards women in general isn’t so hot. So be up front and honest…tell them you don’t want a relationship right now but would like to hang out and get to know them.

The one with the bigger tits and with the thinner Mom. If tied on the rackage, take the one with the thinner mom

First, I didn’t think “crushing on” was a term that a guy used. I see that as something coming from a 16 year old girl who watches MTV and has been in love with Leonardo Decaprio (sp?) since Titanic. Maybe I’m just too old (22). Second, I’m assuming you’re in high school, so only worry about how their personalities are now. The odds of you staying with either of these girls over a year are small (and I see it as weird to date the person you end up with from such a young age - it would seem to me like you’d be marrying your sister, but I know several people who are happy having done this), and the odds of these girls wanting the same things 2 years from now are close to nil. If you really want a relationship, it’s probably not a good idea for you to get in one either. Just date both and have some fun like previously suggested.

Go for the one who gives the best head!!!