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Which One Would you Purchase?

I have a fixed amount of cash to spend (don’t we all). Anyways, I have a choice to make:

Do I buy for around the same price…

4 weeks worth (4 bottles) of MAG-10


8 weeks worth of the new 4 AD-EC?

Which one would be more effective at the end of the day? I have used MAG-10 before but never seem to keep the gains. Could a straight 4 week cycle be the anwser? Or a even longer 4 AD-EC cycle?

Let me know your opinions.


Either option is really good in my eyes, and yes I am a fan of the longer cycles for more gains.

You do need to remember that the longer your cycle the more supression you will most likely receive, therefore more attention/caution needs to be given to possible sides and PCT.

hope that helps,


i like the longer weaker cycle but you did not mention any recovery supps like Tribex, Red Kat, Alpha Male, M, Methoxy. either way you are gonna need some recovery stuff. wait up and save and then do your cycle. laters pk

The recovery stuff (Tribex etc) comes standard and was included in my overall budget.

Thanks for the feedback

You mentioned 4 weeks worth being 4 bottles, are you taking 12 pills a day? I noticed same results using 2 bottles for 3 weeks at 9 pills a day, dose is a little lower but you get the longer cycle out of it, but I have never tried the 4-ad…


So can no one help me here? Mods? TC? Cy?

Please…and thank you.

Hrmmm, I dunno honestly…

Longer cyclces work great but as mentioned it’s even more important to up your cals and protein as well as get on some Alpha Male and or Tribex and Red Kat.

There’s really no way to answer this but if I had my choice I’d go for the 4ad I think. Reason being the overall length of the cycle I could get out of it.