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Which One To Train At



I wanted to ask you all a question. I live in the Columbus, Ohio area. I play the sport of american football. The position that I play is full back. I was looking to increase my explosviness, strength, speed, flexibility, and put on some size (muscle mass). Most importantly though explosviness as everybody says for my position that is the most important.

Ok. Knowing what I was looking for in a program, and the position I play. Which Club do you recommend I train at? I have a choice betweem training at two diffrent styles of lifting, but they both are very good. I have the westside-barbell club with louie simmons which is mainly powerlifting, and then I have the olympic weightlifting club. Like I said. I heard both where very good.

So which one do you guy's recommend I try, and train at that would be most benifical for me?


I'd go to westside. Built up your leg, backs and chest... with a sound diet you'd definetly put on size too.


hands down westside.


Lol I kinda knew that you guy's would say westside. Just to get a little more into it. What is the reason why you would pick westside over olympic lifting? Same goes for the ones that would choose olympic lifting.


The Westide gym in Columbus, Ohio is one of the best powerlifting gyms in the world. The O-lifting place I doubt is that good. People fly from other countries to go to Westside; it is that good.


are they ball players or powerlifters?


It isn't really a question of OLY lifting versus powerlifting. It is a question of one of the strongest gyms anywhere versus a gym that isn't known.

If the OLY gym had some of the elite OLY lifters like Dimas then the question would be harder to answer....


Why not train a couple of times at both to get a better idea which will serve your needs and goals best. Ask a lot of questions, watch and learn. It may be possible to train at both gyms, rotating or alternating between the two when you are at a point in your Program that puts one Gym in a better position to fulfill your needs. Just my two cents...best of luck in your quest for strength.


BTW, I wish I had your options.


Go to westside hands down. There are plenty of Ohio state players that train there. It isn't JUST powerlifters there. The concept of their speed training,IMO, along with max effort will make you stronger and more explosive than olympic weightlifting. And then there's the sled pulling for GPP! Think about it. Pulling a sled is a bit more specific and will have a better carry over to playing fullback!


aint that the truth.


Alright I am back with an update.

All I have to say is that I got in contact with louie (really cool guy. He taught me alot.), went to the gym, and wow. That place has everything you could possibly need for training. Not to mention a good coach like louie.

I went there for about 2 weeks, and louie was training, also teaching me all kind of things. Man they have some big guy's that train there to. After the 2 weeks though, I had to put a hold on going to westside though, because I was the weakest, smallest guy in the gym lol. Louie said I definitely needed to bulk up if I wanted to go back to playing football at the position that I was wanting to play. Anyways the gym was just to much for me. Like I said everyone in the gym was lifting way more than me, so I couldn't lift with anybody but myself lol. So I figued I needed to get alot stronger, and bigger before I go back to westside. I am nowhere near the numbers they where putting up.

Anyways. I was wanting to know if there was any other good gym's, or club's to train at in the columbus ohio area. I am interested in doing all kinds of trainig like olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, but I really want to do some strongman training as I have never done that before. I would like to go to a place where they have coaching, and somebody to help me out with my training. So any other good one's around here. It dosen't have to be a gym, or club ether. It could be somebody that has a garage gym, or something like that, that would like to help me out.



You have such a great chance going there. Did the people at west side ask you to leave? Otherwise, why pass up such a great chance. Don't be intimidated, you can learn so much more if you stick around.


Wherever you train, getting bigger and stronger is going to take time. You think you're going to get bigger and stronger faster training at Westside or someplace else?

It seems to me that if you want to get big and strong, you should hang out with big, strong people.


I have to second that. Why on God's green earth would you leave if they didn't ask you too? Was your ego taking a bruising? I hate to be harsh, but Man up, take the hit to your ego, and learn something.


If you think people will remain objective in asking them to pick between a name brand and a no name brand then you're dead wrong.


Yep. But you also have to remember, its "name brand" (famous) for a very good reason.


If for some reason you don't want to train at Westside then why not ask Louie or some of the other guys for another gym in the area that would be more suited to your needs.

By the way, being the weakest isn't a reason to leave, it's a reason to stay. However, not having anyone to train with may be a reason if you can find a good crew somewhere else.

Good luck.


I agree. Westside produces some of the best powerlifters currently competing.

I also agree that they will make anyone who trains with them MUCH stronger. If the original poster is weak then his game may improve with the strength gains.

But if he's already strong (by football player standards), then this may not be the best route for him to take.


I'm pretty sure you were living the dream of 85% of the people on this forum. Get back to west side and fuckin lift.