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Which One of Your Programs Do You Suggest?

Hey, Coach, I’m on the last week of your 12-week High Frequency Muscle Building program (I also paired that with your legs spec program. I loved it. I got stronger and bigger. It’s kind of like crack, and now I want more.
I plan on deloading after I’m done but I wanted to ask you what program would you suggest (from your collection on your website) for me to continue to get stronger and bigger (hopefully bigger, I gained ~13 lbs since January so I know continuing that pace is not practical).

I love your programs and would love any personal recommendation for one of your programs that might be good for someone looking to get stronger and bigger (I plan on doing a natural bodybuilding contest Sept of 2022). Thanks Coach!

For context, I did put on some extra fat during the 13lb weight gain, but I don’t mind it. I’m really trying to increase my overall lean muscle mass, and so I’m ok with getting a bit soft (it’s easier for me to lose weight, than to gain weight so the 13lb gain felt great). Here is a pic of me at 203lbs. My cutoff is March 2022 for gaining weight which at that point, I’ll give myself 6-7 months to cut for my contest.
Would love a recommendation for one of your programs. Thanks!