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Which One Of You Is This?



^ cant see it at work, but I will say I thought you were bigger.


E-stats are a bitch...


I'm intense with common sense.



lol, really? You guys are kidding, correct?


Count you know I am just fucking with you, some how I evisioned you like a Vince Wilfork or Leonard Davis size guy.


I always thought you were way bigger. I don't remember why or where I came to that conclusion though.


Oh, good, I thought you seriously thought that woman in my avatar was me.

And, I'm actually Wolfork and Davis' child. So. yes, you would be right in your assumptions.


Dude, that is Nikki9591 in my avatar...not me.


I'm pretty sure that's Nikki lol

Ct.Rock is almost 3 hundo from what I hear


Well damn, I got a little confused there for a second. It must be friday afternoon....


Hey Rock! Funny thing I saw a couple of weeks ago. There was a Big (6ft+ around high 200's) dark dude with a wide mohawk sitting in the recreation/dinning area of my school.

I was about to yell "hey, Count!" but figured it would get me publicly pummeled. Do you have minions emanating outward from your point of origin or what?


Thats a woman? I did think that was you, but I will play along. You said you had a tat on your hip so I just assumed.


Lol,That part actually made me laugh.