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which one better?

In terms of preserving muscle mass while dieting, which works better - t-dawg or fat fast? Please feel free to weigh in with your opinion; it would really help. Thanks gang!

T-dawg works better for preserving muscle mass. Fat fast is so far below anyone’s maintainence level for calories it should only be done while on some type of anabolic.

I would think the T-dawg diet would be better for preserving muscle. I have actually gained muscle on the T-dawg diet while losing fat.

by anabolic would you also be referring to something like androsol or mag 10?

Yes, he means using something like androsol or MAG-10. Monetarily, androsol is a better bet because it will do the job without breaking the bank. Save your money and your MAG-10 for mass cycles.

I loosed 10pound of LBM and 8pound of FAT on FF Diet, Next time I will try T-Dawg !

byp0, you didn’t use any sort of androgen. I think with fat fast… that was very important. The experiment was done with Androsol, wasn’t it? It’s a pretty extreme diet. I saw your pics tho dude, ya look good.