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Which Oil?

Should I just get simple flax seed oil or should I get the Udo’s choice blend?

They’re both good choices. Udo’s is a well thought out blend…but flax will do the job.

Flax if your cutting…Udo’s if your trying to gain…(According to Will Brink)…

thanks - why is udos better for getting big and flax better for cutting?

Depends on your diet. If you eat allot of beef/chicken/eggs then Flax. If you eat more Salmon and nuts, then Udos. And I think if you do a full blown Ketogenic diet with all the trimmins’, like bacon, sausage, pork rinds, etc, then definetly Flax.

What if I have just a low fat diet (all types of fat)?

Wtih a low fat diet, use udo’s unless you are on a specific fat loss cycle. I posted a diet a while back that said to eat a low fat diet and supplement with 3TB Flax oil and 15 capsules of fish oil (or a 4oz portion of salmon) daily. This was to lose bodyfat. If you are on a normal cycle or bulking cycle, then udos. I wouldn’t stay on the flax for long periods of time, unless your diet was at least 15-20% fat before adding. There are many reasons. Go to the search engine for the online mag and type in “Fat rountable”.

Why even the Udo’s choice at all? If it’s for the extra Omega 6’s it’s not needed. We get plenty of them in our diets already. Other than if there is something else important in the oil other than the Omega’s. The chances someone’s going to be getting more 3’s than 6’s is highly unlikely. The optimal ratio is around 1:1. If anyone has any additional insights I would be interested.

Brian, the reason for Udo’s is for a healthy balance. You’re right, most people get a lot of Omega-6’s vs. Omega-3’s, but some people eat a diet high in fish, flax seed, walnuts, in which case using flax would push them out of the 1:1 ratio. Or they eat a balance of fish, flax seed, walnuts (Omega-3) and beef, chicken, eggs (omega-6). If they are eating a balance already, then you want to keep the balance going with Udo’s. I personally eat Flax seed, fish oil caps, salmon, Omega-3 eggs, beef, chicken. So, I rotate between Udo’s and flax. I prefer flax, but if I didn’t consume beef or chicken, then I would have to use Udo’s.

Jude, I’m not sure if this is true, but the reason why flax is good for cutting is because it’s supposed to raise your metabolism. I read somewhere in an interview with Dr. Udo Erasmus that if you get more essential fatty acids in your diet than your body can handle, you create a kind of a fat burn off. I don’t know if this is true, but you may want to double check by visiting his website, and reading his articles. And to answer your question whether you would want to go on a low fat diet of all types, perhaps it’s not a good idea. Having a diet that’s too low in fat can raise your blood triglycerides up the roof, not to mention slash your HDL and raise your LDL. Vince Gironda prefered getting your sources of energy from fats rather than carbohydrates. Because your digestive system takes more time processing fats, you burn more calories that way. So anyway, get your fats and make sure they’re good ones also. It doesn’t hurt to use extra virgin olive oil either. You could probably benefit from it anyway. Hope this helps somehow.

I was thinking of going on a cycle of flax seed oil. What do you think of 4 tbs/ day for 6 weeks while injecting 2-3 packets of Grow into my mouth. Or should I do a cycle of Udos?

Flax oil is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get Omega 3’s. Udo’s is the most efficient, but the most cost-effective, way to get a balance. If you want unprocessed Omega 6’s to balance out the Omega 3’s in flax (note, flax also has Omega 6’s), you can save money by getting cold-pressed safflower or sunflower oil in a health store. You could also use peanut oil, or unprocessed peanut butter. The oils mentioned are really cheap–maybe $3.00 for a 32 oz. bottle. If you want monounsaturates, use cold-pressed canola or extra-virgin olive oil, or even guacamole. So, I think that you can do just as well as Udo’s for a lot less money. I’ve never tried Udo’s blend, but safflower, sunflower, and peanut oil all mix very easily into protein shakes as far as taste. A good health store will have more oils than I have listed, so read the labels and make sure that the oil is not heat-processed. When striving for a dietary balance, keep in mind that many of the processed foods you might eat are rich in Omega 6’s–everything from Miracle Whip to french fries.

Hemp oil, man, hemp oil.

I have heard great things about hemp seed oil, but have yet to find any in a store. Has anybody tried it? I have heard that it is much better than flax seed oil, but I cannot imagine it tasting better, not that flax seed oil tastes good. Actually once I forgot to take some of my flax seed oil and remembered to take it just before I was going to bed and I had already brushed, I thought it would tast bad, but it actually tasted pretty good, like some kind of mint candy.

Hemp oil has a great balance of both omega 3’s and 6’s, all in one oil. And no Rasta, it won’t get you stoned. Although you better be careful cause it can show up in a drug test.

Dont you think we get to caught up in the tiny specifics of everything. Will you really notice a difference by taking one over the other? Probably not. Why not use one for a while and then use the other for a while. I think over the long haul it really wouldnt matter.