Which Of Your Programs To Purchase?

Hi CT,

Im torn between which of your programs to purchase from your website. Would be really cool if you could give me a recommendation?

I struggle to deadlift due to a problem with my glute which sucks (Something twangs where the piriformis is and it’s agony for a few days)

Ive completed your questionare and 1b was dominant followed by 2a then 3.

Id class myself as someone who can easily overtrain. Not sure whether that’s because I do too much or if it’s because I have deal with a lot of mental stress outside of training.

I like the sound of Strong as You Look. My goal has always been to be big and powerful.

I understand you’re a busy guy. It would be awesome if you could offer some advice. Keep up the great work.

You know, I would actually recommend the “Busy person program”… it is lower in volume and 3 days a week (you can add a 4th day to work on minor stuff like biceps/triceps, abs, calves). It uses a strength progression too and is great for people with a higher injury risk due to the isometric and eccentric focus.

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Perfect, thanks CT. Does it contain Deadlifts? If so would you recommend leaving them out?

Appreciate the response

It has romanian deadlifts and pin pulls from below the knees

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That’s great. Sounds like a plan I would enjoy. Thanks a lot for the help.