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Which of these Two Routines is the Best in your Opinion?


Check it out and tell me which you think is the most suited to someone who has been training for 1 year and three months.


Can I answer neither? How bout all pushing one day, all pulling one day, and legs on another day?


Sounds good, do you have experience with this type of programing?


i didnt look at the reps and stuff, but the layout of what body parts your hitting on each day is fine if you ask me. ive never done those types of routines but the bottom one reminds me of starting strength and the top one just seems like twice a week upper and lower


maybe a push, pull, legs, off, push, pull, leg routine that sounds like a happy medium with 12-15 sets total weekly volume for each body part


It's what I do currently. Since you work a lot of triceps when you bench and shoulder press I figure just throw 'em in on that day. Same with bi's when pulling. With legs I usually switch back and forth between and hip dominant and quad dominant day. Sometimes I do a deads variation on my back day and even throw hamstrings in depending on how I feel or what I did previously.

I would prolly do a more typical bb'ing split if I could train everyday though. Hope this helps.