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Which of These Progressions for Strength and Mass?

So im wondering which of this progression would work better for strength and mass gains in the big 4 (bench, ohp, squat, deadlift) based on ur experience

Template 1
5x3 200 pounds
5x4 200 pounds
5x5 200 pounds
Add 10 pounds and repeat

Template 2
5x5 at say 200 pounds
5x4 at 210 (5%increase)
5x3 at 220 (5% increase again)
Restart at 5x5 at 210 and repeat

I think you’ll find there is almost no difference between those two for either goal honestly. Certainly in the time scale of a few months.

Even if there was there is no reason you HAVE to only do one and never do the other. Do one for 3 months then the other.

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Thanks man! Im trying to reach that 135 strict press 225 floor press and 405 trap bar deadlift for too much time

For how long?

Personally this has worked for me. I would do it this way. This way you know for a fact you can REALLY lift 200lbs for 5x5 vs just having one good day.

5x3 200 pounds
5x4 200 pounds
5x5 200 pounds
5x5 200 pounds with 1:30 sec rest
5x5 200 pounds with 1 min rest
Add 10 pounds and repeat


Since 2016… ive some setbacks from injuries and just life but as soon as im back to the gym in mid july i need to crush those goals by the end of the year!

Since u tried that version and it worked im gonna go with it

Just run through some proven 5x5 templates -madcow or one of Bill Starr’s etc