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Which of These Diets Look the Best?

Diet number 1

Breakfast: 3 whole eggs, half an avocado and an apple

Lunch: Chicken breast or salmon, half an avocado, half a cup of quinoa and a bag of mixed salad

Protein shake (pre-workout)

Dinner: chicken breast or salmon, sweet potato and broccoli

Diet number 2

Breakfast: 2 whole eggs and 2 pieces of wholegrain toast

Protein shake (or) fruits and nuts

Lunch: Chicken breast or salmon with brown rice (or) baked potato

Protein shake (or) yogurt with nuts

Dinner: Chicken breast or salmon and broccoli

Neither are realistic. Quinoa is awful in my opinion and the best thing about rice is it’s cheap per calorie (and it’s kcals/acre is high). Quinoa is a meme food.

Also you don’t have your calorie goals or portions. Rice is easy to overeat if you’re not measuring portions and if you’re cooking it in oils. Also given the amounts of fats included in here, it’s worth mentioning that they’re 9 calories per gram.

Sweet potato and nuts are overrated while were at it.

The desire to have cheat meals is because of making diet choices that are unpalatable and not satiating. I’m a big fan of Greg Doucette’s recipe book for this reason. Eating French Toast every morning is amazing.

Eating healthy is about making the right food choices first. One of the factors is making sure you’ll like your food enough to stick with the food.

Also if you’re cutting, low-calorie popcorn is an amazing diet food.

They look like days of eating rather than diets. Why cant you do both?

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Bit like asking how long is a piece of string!? No idea goals…buking/cut/calories/lifestyle etc etc

Saying that, those are all very clean foods so should be fine. 90s ‘bro diet’ level even
-If training hard prob can loosen up a bit

Look up articles T-nation diet artcles by guys like Beradi, John Meadows, Mike Roussel, Tim Henriques if want go deeper

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Yeah, I eat protein pancakes/preotein french toast in the morning. Make your diet fun but use low calorie stuff like sugar free or low sugar/calorie condiments…like Walden Farms maple syrup, etc. I like eating wheat puff cereal with cashew milk mixed in with protein powder and topped with fruit. Stuff like that is fun to eat. Your diet looks boring, but if you can eat it I guess…why not. But there’s a lot of low calorie things you can add to spruce things up and if you’re not afraid of artifical sweetners they can really make things a lot more palatable. I’m just learning though so probably better to listen to others more experienced.

Is his cookbook worth $99? Seems excessive to me.

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Going to echo what others have said, but need a lot more information on goals, other food options, etc. unless you’re eating this everyday? As in this is the diet?

Same here. Stan Efferding’s book is also 100 dollars, and doesn;t seem worth it to me. Especially when I can piece the big picture through my own research and their free content, and still come to an effective plan.


The foods you list are all good choices. But your question is weird: would you eat only one of these foods each day? Even if you rotated every other day, you would have a diet that is cleaner and less varied than almost anyone.

So, yes. Eat both of these days. Adjust the amounts for your caloric needs and weight-loss goals.

I buy protein powder regularly, at least the cook book is a one-time purchase. However, most of it is online for free if you really need to pinch pennies.

I think one can afford several recipe books for 99$ rather than purchasing just the one. Especially at a thrift store. Recipes tend to be somewhere between 500-700 calories for main meals, and with nutrition data so readily available it shouldn’t be to hard to calculate for a few recipes at a time that you’d want to try for a week. Just write it directly in the book for easy access next time.

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FWIW, I don’t think sharing this is particularly cool to the creator. I know I’m in my post above debating the merits of the purchase and potentially costing him a sale but this certainly costs him sales and gives away his product. Although, I suppose one could download it and think “I got value from this so I’ll purchase a copy”. Not something I consider likely.

How do you make your French toast?

I agree. I don’t think you should be sharing something like this. It’s stealing, not cool.

This guy just saved me 99 bucks

Going through the book, it’s so unprofessionally written that it’s not even worth 99 bucks. Maybe 15 tops

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That guy is a troll for the youtubez clicks -just ripped on John Meadows the day after he had a heartattack :face_with_raised_eyebrow: He can go royally fuck himself.

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Same, I was never going to buy it. Especially considering many ingredients are specific to USA/Canada

Yeah, for music, I always listen to it before buying because I have been let down too many times

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