Which of Jim's Programs After Barbell Prescription?

What program would you suggest to a person over 60 who has been following a 2 day a week Starting Strength program design for older lifters from the book Barbell Prescription.

Squat 5x3
Bench 5x3
Lat Pulls 8-10x3

Tuesday Conditioning (Prowler Walks)

Wednesday Rest

Light Squat 3x3 (90% of Mondays)
Press 5x3
Deadlift 5x1

Friday Conditioning (Prowler Walks)

Saturday and Sunday Rest

There are 5 lb weekly jumps on the Squat, 10lbs on the Deadlift, and 2 lbs on the Bench and Press


At the end of this article, Jim provides the triumvirate program. This is a great program and it won’t beat you up.

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Where do you put the recommended two or three conditioning sessions per during the week. Would like to continue Prowler Walks.

I like to do hard sessions after the lower body 5/3/1 days and light sessions after the upper body ones. So prowler after squats/deads and walking after bench/press