Which of CT's books?

Which of CT’s books, ‘The Black Book of Training’ or ‘The Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods’, would be the better purchase for a novice who wants to learn more about not only strength training but training in general?(One that outlines strength training for someone who is new to it would be an added benefit)

Thanks for any info you guys can give me.

Black book is better for a novice.

easily the black book

Get them both here for the same price and print them out

“I held a seminar in Montreal last weekend and burned some CDs that include both of my books in .pdf format. For this month only I’m offering these discs for 35$ plus 10$ shipping, in other words you get both books for the price of one. Sounds good”

Email him at the_beast@t-mag.com and ask him about it.

Black Book is better for that…also look into getting some of Ian Kings books.

I just recieved the black book and have read a couple chapters. this book is great, it outlines all olympic lifts. This book also gives quick tests to see if you are slow or fast twitch dominant and sets you up for maximal muscle and strength gains. The section on gpps is also great.
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