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Which Nike Free for Lifting?


Hey I'm about to buy a Nike Free 3.0 customized on nike.com but I'm not sure what type of sole I should choose... there are a bunch of them.. I've seen nike free 3.0, 5.0, 7.0, TR2.... What is the best choise for lifting ?


3.0 - It's the closest to barefoot.


All the reasons someone might want a Nike Free make Vibram's or Merrill's a better choice.


I like squatting in free's better than vibrams.

I have the olympic series nike frees.


I think I will buy the nike free 3.0
The think with vibrams is that in Portugal I would be looking like a freak, no ofense... No one use Vibrams here and they have such a unique look.. I like it but here people with tattoos have to hide them to work(just an example)...


Nike free 3.0 customized it will be ! But still.. share your opinions ! :slightly_smiling:


Nike 6.0


You know, you could just buy a pair of Chuck Taylor's....


Check out New Balance Minimus, zero lift at the heel with a Vibram sole and not as odd looking as the Five Finger



These puppies rock.


How are the Frees for cardio?


I am fucking tempted to buy them today:


Love the orange, too, was hoping for 2E size cuz my feet are wide and another Asics I have in 2E fit perfectly...

Why does the NB Minimus say Vibrams on the sides and soles?

So these feel like being barefoot? FLAT soles? Fuck...


[quote]PonceDeLeon wrote:

Why does the NB Minimus say Vibrams on the sides and soles?

Vibram is a type of rubber that any manufacturer can use for their soles.


They are quite minamilist and feel to me like barefoot. I do have the trail version though so I can't speak for the road version.
They are good and wide and have plenty of room in the toe box.
The soles are quite thick (for trails)
Some people have issues with the front band being uncomfortable on the front top of their foot----I experienced no such problems.

The other ones I would recommend are the Merrell trail gloves.
These are quite simply the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

I run trails in them sometimes, light hiking, I have worn them out socially, I deadlift in them, even hill sprints sometimes (though they really weren't made for this).


Talk about sizing. Compared to nike running or basketball shoes. Not nike casual "running", actual running. If you can.


Oh, and I wear chucks for leg training (and deadlifting back in the day).


The correct answer is Chucks/Vibram KSO.


I don't follow. So you have BOTH the Minimalist and the Merrell Trail Gloves?


nice, the Minimus look great. HOWEVER, back to the topic at hand.

I've never had the 3.0's, those will be hard to find anyways. The 5.0's were really great, even the later versions.

OK so in the picture: the light blue are an earlier version of 5.0. These are good because they are very minimal... not much heel, not much cushioning, no arch support. BUT - these are just ugly to wear, and your pinky toe (if you have big feet like me) will stick out visibly on the side.

The black+red in the picture are a later version of 5.0's. I think they are V4. They are good like the earlier version. They added a tiny bit of heel cushioning, but they are much more stylish to wear.

The best one's made IMO, which I have, are the Nike 7.0's with the strap (shown in pic). They are stylish, they fit SNUG, you have lateral support in case you want to play basketball in them/do other shit other than running + lifting. And the arch support is very minimal, along with the heel rise and cushioning.

The Nike Run+ (not shown in the pic, don't have them) or whatever is shit. Too much arch support/cushioning/high heel etc.


I have the Nike Run+ 2's and although they are horrible for leg training, they are so comfortable. They're great for running (obviously) and work well for me as I've always used to get low back pain and calf tightness when running.

Right now, I'm not squatting or deadlifting heavy weights (keeping reps above 8), but when I do I'll need to get a different pair of sneakers for that. They work as gym sneakers for everything else.