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Which Neurotype for Olympic Lifting/Explosive Work?

Witch neurotype is the more receptive from olympic lifting and explosive work ?

In order…

They are naturally explosive and have an easier time with motor learning. They naturally want to use acceleration to lift weights. They are great at learning by doing and by watching but if you try to coach them with a lot of verbal cues they will regress.

Can be strong and explosive fairly easily because they tend to have more fast twitch fibers, very confident so they will not get discouraged the learning process. Not as explosive as 1Bs and motor learning is harder. They will tend to “muscle the weight up”, especially if they are already fairly strong. But once they learn the technique they can be very good lifters and can do a high frequency of neurological work and recover.

2A (if they have high acetylcholine)
Will be almost as explosive as 1Bs BUT their lower confidence level might give them more stumbling blocks because they will overthink a lot when lifting is not as good.

Not naturally explosive and have a harder time recovering from neurological work. Not the most athletic by nature and need to intelectualize the learning process. They can eventually become decent because they are super patient and detail-oriented, but they will need a lot of drills to learn the lifts and become efficient. Lots of light practice work.

Not naturally explosive, will tend to use more of a “muscular” effort rather than explode upward. Lower confidence level that can discourage them fast if they dont “get it right away”. They have a harder time recovering from neurological work and don’t have great motor learning. But if they think something will get them respected they will work harder than everybody else. I trained a Crossfit girl who is a 2B. She had amazing tolerance for lactic acid, good endurance. But all of her skill movements improved amazingly slow. It took her a good 3 years to gain a good level of mastery on the olympic lifts and even the coordination/fluidity of the movement is not as good as the 1Bs I worked with had after a few months. BUT she needs the recognition and works harder than everybody else so she was ableto hit decent numbers anyway and won the Crossfit games (masters) twice.


Wow thank you !