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Which Neurotype Benefits Most from Starting Strength?

What neurotype type will be most beneficial from SS .?
And how a older type 3 lifter , make sense training SS style ?.. . .are volumes is too much to handle ?
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The volume in starting strength is very low and will not be an issue for anybody.


the volume comes from 3 big basic lifts ,that’s my point ?
thank you,coach

Sure, and that does increase the overall training stress via an increase in neurological demands. But the overall workload is still low and will not constitute a problem with physiological recovery, especially considering that the program has plenty of off days during the week.

Now, some people do have mental or neurological problems doing 3 “big lifts” in a workout. But that is mostly because they are not used to it.

I use a base setup similar to starting strength with athletes I work with (3 whole-body days using 4 big basic lifts and a fourth workout only using isolation work). And most recovery fine from the start. A few did have problems with energy the first 2-3 weeks, but it got fixed when they got used to this type of work.

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