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Which Neurotype Am I?

Hey Christian. can you please help me to know which neurotype belong to my self

Have you tried taking the neurotyping test on Thibarmy? What were your results?

yes but the questions get me comfused

In what way did they confuse you?

Type 3!

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when I rad your articles I feel totally 2b but in ur test I am 1b. so I don’t know

Did you answer how you *want * to be or how you *are *?

how i am

Do you have 3 or 4 similar scores on your neurotyping test? For example if you have a high score on one neurotype but the other 4 scores are in close range of each other, that might be an indication you’re a type 2A.

All neurotypes can move to the right or left of the neurotyping spectrum depending on their mental and physiological state. It could be you were more stressed out when you read his articles (which makes you act more like a type 2B) and feeling very confident or in very good spirits when performing the test (type 1B). Or you weren’t entirely honest with yourself during the test to make you look or feel better about yourself (which could be a type 2A or 2B trait)

Eitherway, the test is not 100% accurate and sometimes a closer look at your own behavior and lifestyle is needed. Your highest score won’t always be your dominant type.

To figure this out, you must look for clues. Like how well do you recover from neurological, heavy, complex, explosive work compared to more bodybuilding, lactic acid, high volume work? What kind of training do you naturally gravitate to? Are you very extroverted,driven, motivated, love taking risks, comfortable with talking to many people, want to be the leader? Or are you more introverted, organised, loves routine and repetitive activities, naturally anxious, more patient, not good with sudden changes? Are you a mix of both depending on your mental state?

Ask yourself these questions, put them to the test and accumulate as many clues as possible. This will give you a better assessment of your true neurotype.

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