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Which Nalgene Bottle Do You Use?


Was looking around for a Nalgene bottle but I'm not familiar with the models so I was wondering which are the best to use for training. I'm looking for one to keep my Surge cold during training so i can sip on it throughout my workout.


Just grab one of the wide-top ones. It's scooper-friendly.

I put my Surge in the bottle and fill it up at the water fountain when I'm at the gym. Instant coldness!

Personally, I have a kick-ass HOT-ROX bottle, along with a few more.

My regular water bottle is a SIGG, though.



I bought mine from Costco-4 for $10. 64oz. and wide mouth. I haven't met a scoop that was too large for it.


I use the 32 oz. with a neoprene insulator (EMS, $6) that keeps drinks nice and cold for hours. I also have the mouth piece insert for easier drinking.



Any of these would do the job. Keeping anything cold in a lexan or HDPE nalgene is tough. If you throw some ice in, your good. In my opinion they are the best type of liquid storage container around.


Why the HOT-ROX one of course!


do you have a link for that neoprene insulator? I'm trying to find it on their site but I can't.


HOT-ROX one here as well.