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Which Muscles to Work for These Performance Goals?

Hi All,

Just curious, Tristin Whirfs was able to jump out of a pool-see below. Curious as to what muscles/exercises I need to do to be able to do this?

And also, if I wanted to be able to lift somebody up by their shirt, ala like a bouncer, which muscles would be required for that?

And also, if I wanted to throw a dodgeball faster-which muscles.

For the jumping and throwing, jumping and throwing are your best bets.

For your bouncer question, gain a lot of size; that won’t help your jumping. I also think learning to lift awkward objects overhead, like kegs or logs, would be beneficial.

Your performance goals are much more about speed instead of just strength. The bouncer power needs a heavy foundation and quite a bit of power.

As for jumping and throwing, as TrainForPain said, you need to do those activities with much dedication and commitment. Do jumps on dry land to mimic the jump out of the pool. If you can get hold of a pitchers weight program, I would follow it. For jumping maybe jump squats, but IMO these can be dangerous when your form falters.

When in the weight room concentrate on speed movements. The Olympic lifts are where I would concentrate. Those are “power” in true meaning of power (Ft-Lbs per second). That is, moving as much weight as you can as fast as you can. Obviously you must be focusing on overhead movements. Become good at both Olympic lifts.

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You just need longer arms.

The dude in my gym class that was 6’3 in like 9th grade would windmill throw the volleyball and it would freakin sizzle through the air.