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Which Muscles to Focus On During Eccentric Portion of a Lift?

Hey CT,

should you focus on the agonist or antagonist while doing slow eccentrics (meaning focussing on pulling or yielding)? As examples: Squat -> Hams or Quads and Glutes / Bench -> Biceps & Back or Triceps & Chest

Would appreciate an answer. Either way I hope you & your family are doing good and that your wife´s pregnancy is going well.

Not CT, but it is the same muscle that is performing the concentric or eccentric contraction in a movement. Meaning when you’re doing a bench press and are lowering the weight, your triceps are contracting eccentrically, then concentrically when pressing up. It is not your biceps that are contracting concentrically during the descent.

IE -> focus on the agonist.

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Correct. Focus on the muscle(s) that did the work during the concentric part



Always did my reps that way, but recently read in an article that you should focus on pulling down with your harmstrings while squatting to mimic a jump, which should lead to a higher carryover to athletic actions. After reading your answer I realized it doesnt make sense to think that way, because you dont pull your BW down like in a jump, but press against a weight pulling you down.
Appreciate you taking the time to answer. Have a nice week and stay healthy :+1:

Edit: Just saw that you answered too. Appreciate you taking the time too.

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