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Which muscles are responsible?

Hi everyone.Today at hapkido(I am noob there) the master made us cross our feet(left over right) and sit down,then get up without using your hands for support.It’s hard for me.Is it because stabilizer muscles or something,are not worked?Which muscles should I work so I can achieve balance and flexibility for martial arts?

Thanks.I hope I’m not missing anything I want to ask.

I would try 1-legged squats, performed by squatting down on 1 leg while the other leg is held straight out in front of you (no weight). Also, just try standing on one leg for as long as you can, this will really help in martial arts.

You can do some isolation work on the hamstrings, abductors, and adductors. I consider these the major stabilizers in the upper leg. I tend to work these along or after my trunk work (lower back, abs, hip flexors). All of this work has done wonders for my basketball game. I can move around anyone very fast and am able to plant my foot and maintain stability very easily. This has also transfered to my snowboarding ability and reduced my likelyness to get injured.