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Which Muscle is Stretched During Deep Squat stretch?

You know, the stretch you just deep squat and hang in there. I’ve been doing this a lot recently and find that it relieves my sciatic pain.

Is it stretching hamstring and lower back at the same time? I feel that when I maintain a upright back, it’s more in my hip (not sure which muscle is it, but it should be hamstring or adductor?); when I relax my lower back, the stretch is more on lower back.

G’day cog1,

When in the amortization phase, or hole, different musles are going to be stretched/strained depending on a few things. These factors include whether you’re using your bodyweight alone, or if you’re doing a weighted front or back squat. In addition, your stance may change things as well. I find if I’m in the hole with a wider stance, I’m naturally going to experience a stretch in my groin.

As far as it stretching your hamstrings or lower back, it’s hard to say. Once you go below parallel, it’s said that the majority of the strain comes off the knees and lies on the hamstrings, so that’s what you might be experiencing.

Regardless, it seems to me that you enjoy going balls deep when squatting so I’d suggest to continue going with the high bar squats if it’s doing such wonders for your hips.

All the best,